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June 2018- Living Keto with my running partner, Rosemary
June 2018- Living Keto with my running partner, Rosemary
2011- Graduation from Culinary Institute of America
2011- Graduation from Culinary Institute of America
2013- Early in my relationship with my husband
2013- Early in my relationship with my husband
January 2014- Marrying my best friend
January 2014- Marrying my best friend
Summer 2014
Summer 2014
September 2016- me at my thinnest weight.  "I'm hungry."
September 2016- me at my thinnest weight. "I'm hungry."
Running my first full marathon Summer of 2017
Running my first full marathon Summer of 2017
After completion of the 2018 Pittsburgh Half Marathon with my best time EVER!!
After completion of the 2018 Pittsburgh Half Marathon with my best time EVER!!
Doing what I love, loving what I do.  May 2018
Doing what I love, loving what I do. May 2018
At my second home.  May 2018, fat adaption in progress
At my second home. May 2018, fat adaption in progress
June 2018- In Ketosis and Happy
June 2018- In Ketosis and Happy

I grew up with a bunch of "foodies" before they called it that. Both my grandmother and mother were avid cooks, never cooking the same thing twice. They were constantly scouring magazines for the next challenge and hosting parties just so they could try new recipes out. I developed a pallet for interesting food and a passion for cooking for the one's I love, much like they had.

My mother raised me on her own until she met my step-father (my dad) when I was eight. Although I never knew my biological father, I have his Norwegian build, taller and broader then all of my family, leaving me to feel different and insecure. I was in a constant state of fighting my body, wanting to be thin and dainty but all I saw was big and ugly. My weight yo-yoed throughout my life, finding some success and then falling off.

Once I completed my Bachelor's degree in business, I turned to my old passion, food, and entered into the most prestigious culinary school in the country. I packed my bags and headed cross country to New York, to the Culinary Institute of America. This was a time of learning and excitement, but also a real struggle with my body image. It was a difficult environment that forced me out of my comfort zone.  This was good in that it forced me to find strength and confidence in my abilities, but also caused me to look for comfort.  And where did I go for that comfort?  Cannolis, pizza, pastries, bread (a lot of bread) and anything else I could get my hands on.  There was a lot of food available to me and I indulged.

After culinary school I stopped cooking for a few years. Food had cemented itself as my enemy. I had indulged in every food choice available in Culinary School and I no longer felt in control. To say it simply, I didn't like myself. On top of that, I lived alone and worked a lot and didn't have the time nor the energy to prepare food.

In 2013 I met my husband, a successful, funny, supremely confident, and handsome engineer and frankly, I couldn't believe he would want me. I actually lost quite a bit of weight during the beginning of our relationship, being that we golfed a lot and the fact that we were still in the "hide the worst parts of yourself" phase.

Once the engagement occurred and the stress of wedding planning heightened, I again turned to food both as a comfort, and as a weapon I wielded to sabotage the happiness, deep down, I didn't think I deserved. During our engagement and beginning of our marriage, I yo-yoed between losing weight and gaining it again, my self-confidence following suit.

Three years ago, I went to the doctor for my annual check up. I was newly married and of course I began to discuss with my doctor about starting a family. My husband and I were still many years from being "ready" for children, but I wanted to make sure all was well. She looked at me with a furrowed brow and said, "honestly, I worry about your weight. It could really make for a difficult pregnancy when that time comes." She then began to lecture me about food choices and activity, none of which I wanted to hear. It was really the first time someone had told me, to my face, that I was obese.

At that time I was 230 pounds, but honestly, I didn't feel like my weight could be a health issue. I had been like this most of my life. I felt like sure I'm chubby, but that is just me.  I was resigned that it was unfortunate genetics and nothing could be done.  So this REALLY pissed me off. Who was she to call me fat (she never used that word but that's how I internalized it)? I reacted as I generally would, face first into whatever food I could find. This brought out every insecurity I had. It was one thing for me to be over weight, but the thought that it could effect my future children sent me into a depressive tailspin of eating and self hatred. It took me about two weeks before the clouds begin to clear and I was able to confront that fact that I was uncomfortable in my own skin and felt out of control.

The next day I walked into a Weight Watchers. I didn't tell anyone but my husband. This wasn't my first rodeo, but I knew I needed to do something and I had lost weight there in past, although never able to keep it off.  After a year at Weight Watchers I had lost 85 pounds and was down to 145 pounds.  I had begun exercising and feeling generally good.  I spend the next two years working the Weight Watcher program to the best of my ability.  On this program I became a runner, ran my first marathon, started this blog and a lot of other amazing things (that's why you will see many of the recipes have WW points).  Going to Weight Watchers was an important step for me, but it wasn't my last.  As stated before, I got down to 145 pounds, 20 pounds lighter then my goal weight.  Probably lighter then I should have been since I stayed at that weight for all of about two weeks.  I then spent the next two years gaining 20 pounds back (some in muscle as I started weight lifting, some not), battling, trying to get back to that weight, then trying to accept the weight I was at.

I have spent the last year working on not only my relationship with food, but also my body.  The number one thing I have learned through all of this is how absolutely incredible our bodies are.  The problem that I was recently confronted with, was that I have spent most of my life trying to tell my body what it wants and force it into the lifestyle I thought was best, instead of listening to my body and living my life accordingly.  I was desperately clinging to a low fat, low starch, no sugar, very high protein diet, and I was hungry...all the time.  Losing a lot of weight leaves a constant fear of that weight coming back and never feeling satisfied only served to increase that fear.  I was worried about what to eat and when and anxious about going out or being in any situation that I didn't have full food control.  A problem that I had pre-weight loss suddenly reared it's ugly head, and I began to binge eating, spending 6 days on a this very restrictive diet and then, not being able to handle the hunger anymore, binging until I literally couldn't eat anymore.  I was going to Weight Watchers meetings every week, only to be frustrated by weight gain and inconsistent results.  I was working the program to the best of my ability, following the guidelines, and it wasn't working for me anymore.

Something had to change.  I was tired of counting, of obsessing, but more then anything, I was tired of being hungry, of thinking about food ALL OF THE TIME.  I love food, I have built my life around it, but obsessing about every meal but not enjoying it, was making me mad.  So I decided to take some time,  do some research, and some soul searching.  What did I want from the food that I eat?  What was the end goal in all of this?  What am I hungry for, in life and in food?  During this time I went to California, where I am from, to spend some time with family, most specifically my mom, whom I am very close to. My mother has Type 1 diabetes and she successfully combats that with a very low carb, high fat diet, and she is thriving on it.  I told my mom about my feelings and how I was struggling.  She gave me this book called The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel.    I was pretty apprehensive, but I started reading and was immediately astonished.  I always thought the Keto Diet was a fad.  It was something you did to lose weight fast, completely unsustainable, and frankly unhealthy.  I have spend my entire life focusing on low fat.  The idea of a high fat diet sounded crazy to me, and on top of that, as a runner, carbs are thought of as King.  I couldn't put the book down.  I read the entire night about her story and the way she approaches food.  Her story of overly restricting herself and spending her life on a diet reminded me so much of myself.  I was intrigued to say the least.  I then started to do more research, learning more and more.  I got books, watched documentaries, read medical journals; I couldn't get enough (I still can't).  I found out that Ketogenic living is a lifestyle about far more then just low carb.  Its about eating environmentally friendly grass fed and pasture raised protein, eating local vegetables, organic as much as possible, and avoiding all processed foods.  It's about giving your body the fat it craves, and learning to listen to your body, evolving your fat focused diet as necessary.  To top it off, as a long distance runner, the idea of getting through a long workout, without needing to refuel sounded pretty amazing.  The more I read, the more I believed.

I saw the positive feedback immediately.  On the second day, I completely forgot to eat lunch.  ME!  Forgot a meal!  Not skipped a meal because I thought I should or because I didn't have time.  No, I forgot to eat lunch because I wasn't hungry, so I wasn't thinking about food.  Entirely incredible.  I cannot say enough how different and wonderful that was from the two days prior.  On top of that, my energy doubled and the fog I so often found myself in, just wasn't there.  No up and down emotions or anxiety.  I was finally fueling my body with what it needs and wants, and it was thanking me.  From that day on I have been living a ketogenic lifestyle and loving it.  I want to be clear, this switch WAS NOT and IS NOT about losing weight or getting down to some specific size.  It was and is about living in a way that no longer restricts, but rather follows my body's natural preferences, allowing myself to see my fullest potential, but also eating in a way that supports my environment and doesn't destroy it.

I have found that living a Ketogenic lifestyle isn't restrictive.  I know...you love bread, but trust me, you go a few weeks with no gluten and start seeing the benefits, it becomes easier to say no.  Not to mention, with a little planning and some knowhow, you can have bread, muffins, delicious desserts, and honestly the best meals you will ever eat.  Fat is delicious, but more then that it is nutritious and satisfying.  For the first time in my life, I feel like food doesn't control me and I see a time when I don't have to calorie count or check points.  A time when I can listen to my body, give it what it wants, enjoy every morsel, and move on.  You see with the Ketogenic lifestyle, I actually feel more free then I ever have.

So why am I telling you about this and putting this out on the blogosphere for all to see?

I spent most of my life feeling like my worth was connected to my size and that my issues with food were mine alone to bear.  That I was the weird anomaly, not the trend.  I now know that I am not alone.  The daily struggle with self esteem and body image is something many of us fight and it is often perpetuated by our relationship with food.  I am hoping to instill in all of you that food is not to be feared or resented. It is an amazing thing that can bring real joy. Your body is an awesome creation, and you should fuel it with the best food possible and it should be food that not only makes your body feel great, but your spirit soar with excitement.  You deserve it.  Living a Ketogenic lifestyle isn't just about what you ingest, but it's about getting the most out of your life, physically and mentally. I am still new to this but I am learning with every day and every meal and I intend to pass along that knowledge.  I am going to make mistakes and there are going to be moments that are really hard.  My relationship with food and myself is a journey that has a lot more chapters and you can be sure, you are going to hear the honest struggles and success' that occur along the way.  I spent too much time feeling alone in my struggle and I want you to know that you aren't alone in yours, so I promise to be transparent giving you honest information and feedback.    This blog is about all aspects of my Ketogenic life, running, food (lots of food), travel, relationships, everything, because you can't fix your relationship with yourself without addressing all of you.   This blog is about feasting on every moment, living to the fullest, and finding whatever that means for you.

Please comment and let me know of any questions you have. I would love to hear from you about your journey and favorite recipes.

Until next time....happy feasting!



Meet the Everyday Feast Squad

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Jeff Plate

Husband, Chief Food Tester, and constant Comic.

Jeff is a circumstantial foodie.  Being forced to taste, with review, all of Tedi's creations, he's become a pretty good cook himself.  He's funny and keeps Tedi level and laughing.  Jeff is a breakfast cereal connoisseur, lover of all things bacon, and a proud member of Steeler nation.


Rosemary Plate

Secretary of Table Scraps

Rosemary is the cutest, and laziest one of the family, although she is head of security.  We are pretty sure she has no idea she is a dog, although she loves long walks, her reindeer toy, and scratches on her belly.


  • Peggy

    Each recipe you posted looks delicious. Just began Weight Watchers (again!) in hopes of regaining some control. My oldest son will be getting married December 2018 so motivation is HIGH! Your weight loss journey is inspirational. I can only hope for the same success myself.

    • TediP

      Hey Peggy!
      Welcome! First of all congrats to you for making the decision to join. It’s hard but oh so worth it! These recipes are my obsession and I am so excited to share them with the WW community and the world.

      Congratulations on your son’s upcoming nuptials. That is very exciting. I am certain you are going to wow the crowd. My one piece of advice, do more then hope…you control your destiny and I know you can do it! I can’t wait to hear more about your successes along the way. Congratulations again and as always…Happy Feasting!

  • Linda Caruso

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes. I’ve been despairing, as a foodie myself, that I would never find meal ideas, within our points limit, that satisfy. Can’t wait to try them.

    I’ll be back!

    • TediP

      Hey Linda! I know how you feel! When I first started I thought I was going to have to give up truly good food to lose the weight I wanted. But I can tell you, that is NOT the case. I lost the weight I have all the while eating the best food of my life. I can’t wait to share even more recipes with you! This is truly my passion and seeing people get excited about it brings me true joy. Stay tuned I should have another out tomorrow! 🙂

  • Jean Blazer

    Tedi, Your journey is so inspiring. I dig you so much! You’re a beautiful person inside and out and always have been. My family has great memories with you that we will always cherish and I just love watching your success both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to start experimenting with your wonderful recipes. We are under a kitchen remodel and the first thing that I’m going to cook is one of your recipes. I’ll let you know. I’m so excited to get started! Love you!! Jean, Rick, and Myles

    • TediP

      Thank you so much Jean! You guys are amazing and I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am without you. I hope the kitchen remodel is going well and I hope to see it soon as I should be in So.Cal. later this Spring. Let me know how the recipe goes for you and make sure to post it tagging The Everyday Feast. 🙂 I love to see everyone’s feasts!

  • Sue Hutchinson

    Finding your website was perfect timing. I saw a recipe you posted on Connect, which led me to your blog. I had just had a binge day after the scale at home showed me a decent weight loss, but the WW scale showed a gain. I wanted to cry. But instead I binged, all day. Donuts, bacon cheeseburger, cookies, pizza, beer, ice cream. I felt so sick when I went to bed, and depressed. I’ve really struggled with the new Freestyle program, but have finally realized it’s still about portion control. Reading your journey the day after my binge gave me encouragement to get up & try again. So, thank you for sharing your own struggles with food. I am working on understanding my relationship with food so I can change it. Geneen Roth writes books dedicated to this topic & am working through one of her books now.
    I look forward to trying your recipes as I love to cook & do the same where I spend a morning scouring WW recipes, create a menu & then have delicious meals through the week.
    Thanks for being brave & sharing your story. Will check back for updates!

    • TediP

      Hello Sue! Welcome. Man do I understand that feeling. Been there…and definitely done that. Thank you for sharing. It really validates what I am trying to do here. I too have had some struggles with Freestyle but I found that it is forcing me to further look at my relationship with food…and those dreaded two-words, “portion control.” It is a journey and will continue to be. I am coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be fixed, and that is okay, as long as I keep trying. Thanks for the recommendation. It sounds like we are kindred spirits so I will definitely check that out. Have a great week and Happy Feasting!

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